illustrator & concept artist

I have been interested in drawing since I was a kid, which for the joy of my parents was one of the few activities that kept me calm and focused. I was lucky enough to have a space to dedicate myself completely to my passion armed with a brush and large spreadsheets. Despite somewhat neglecting my other acitivites, I always felt encouraged in the pursuit of my passion, creating my largest series to date titled "Houses".
Around the age of ten, while traveling by train to Paris to visit my family, I was struck by the numerous graffities along the RER B. line. I then started to practice the artform myself for the next ten years, keeping my passion for drawing alive and pushing it further.
Following my highschool diploma in Economics I studied Entertainment Design at the Digital Arts Academy "Nemo NT" in Florence. I set my graffitti work aside in order to focus exclusively on illustration (traditional and digital) and in concept art, the nexus of my artistic career.
Alongside illustration and concept art I have several other ongoing projects as a tattoo artist, painting walls on commission using paintbrush and Indian ink, and as a graphic designer.
My passion for art is matched by an equal passion for travel, a constant source of inspiration for my work.
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